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LIST OF AUTHORITIES              515

* General Sketch of the History of Persia, by Sir Clements B. Markham.

8vo. ' 1874.
^Geographical Memoir of the Persian Empire, by Sir J. M. Kinneir.    4to.


Geschichte der Chalifen, by Gustav Weil.    5 vols.    8vo.    1846-62.
Geschichte der Perser und Araber zur Zeit der Sasaniden, by Theodor

Noldeke.    8vo.    1879.
Geschichte Irans und seiner Nachbarlander, by Alfred von Gutschmid.

8vo.    1888.
Glory of the Shia World, The.   The Tale of a Pilgrimage.    By Lieut-

Col. Percy Molesworth Sykes, assisted by Khan Bahadur Ahmad

Din Khan.    8vo.    1910.

, Great Persian War, The, by George Beardoe Grundy. Large 8vo.   1901 .
" Greece, History of, by Adolf Holm.    4 vols.    Small 8vo.    1894-98.
Greece, History of, by George Grote.
Greece, History of, by Professor J. B. Bury.    Small 8vo.    1908.

Hakluvt Society.    Publications.
^Heart of Asia, The, by F. H. B. Skrine and E. D. Ross.   Small 8vo.


Hellenic Studies, Journal of.                                                    .

-Herodotus, edited with notes by R. W. Macan.    Books iv.-vi., 2 vols.

8vo     1895.    Books vii.-ix., 2 vols. in 3.    8vo.    1908.
.Herodotus, Commentary on, by W. W. How and. J. Wells.     2 vols.

8vo.    1912.

HistoiredelaG'eorgie,\>j Marie Felicite Brosset.   4*0.    l849-
Histoire de I* Art dans I'entifritt, by Georges Perrot and C. Chipiez.

Vols. i.-ix.    Large 8vo.    1882-1911.

Histoire des Mongols, by Mouradja D'Ohsson.   4 vols.    1834-35-
Historical Account of British Trade over the Caspian, by Jonas Hanway.

, Historical Note's on? Khorasan," by Lieut.-Col. Percy Molesworth

Sykes, Journal Royal Asiatic Society, October 1910.
^ History and Evolution of the Dome in Persia," by K. A. C. Creswell,

Journal Royal Asiatic Society, October 1914.
"History of Persia, by Robert Grant Watson.    8vo.    1866

SSS fcJ&i*. * ^ 

by Father Krusinski ; translated by
Sr svA 4ii, jTirata K.,,
JVM by Bdwyn Robert B^    8vo.    1904.